Saturday, October 20, 2018


Now he's officially a man. lol
and his wife is the best person ever. like I am so excited to have a sister.

her wedding was the first time i have ever been in a wedding. and its only the second wedding i've ever been to in my life. I tried to help Krista get ready but I ended up giving the eye make up and lacing up of the dress to the other brides maid. she was really good at make up and didn't make krista look like a whore(which is what i was afraid i was gonna do. I DID do kristas foundation and powder and it turned out really good. ) we all had a field day trying to get krista's bra right for her dress. haha. Strapless bras are so weird and complicated... especially when she'd never wore one before.
Her dress was amazing and wonderful and I am so happy she got such a lovely dress.
My little brother shaved for the wedding and he looked so handsome nice and cleaned up.

it was so nerve wracking and i wasn't even the center of attention! I met the others brides maid the day of the wedding and she is so cool and we all want to hang out once gordon and krista get their trailer put together and move in.

they are so close to being moved into their trailer. they can almost taste it lol

today is the big Tennessee Alabama game and this week has been full of "HATE WEEK" stuff on facebook so Ive kind of just been ignoring most of the people posting on there because I dont really get into that stuff. I mean I like alabama football. just not THAT much

On wednesday I had two appointments at the mental health place--- we didnt even know we had the 8:50 one until the we got there, and thankfully we got there early enough to do it. So we got my  ativan prescription fixed up and i FINALLY have my meds right for the first time in like two months
My therapist was ok-- he had been in the hospital and is still sick but he is working anyway. He had this IV lines still in when I saw him wednesday. they dont wanna take them out because they would just have to restick him every few days. I aked him about how he was doing and he seemed so gratefully that I even thought to ask. it was sweet.

I know I am not updating that much and its because I dont get on my computer that often because its barely working for a lot of things. like i can't go on facebook because it crashes lol
but thankfully the most important things still work. like blogger.
i could update blogger on my phone but i have a really hard time typing on my phone. like i am so bad at touch screen keyboards its pathetic.

anyways..... uh. its saturday. i need to help my brother and them with the trailer but i really dont wanna  its raining and we can't track any mud into the trailer and that just makes the whole ordeal tedious.

anyways. happy football day. lmao
i'm gonna go do word search puzzles and watch greys anatomy on my phone. i finished the entire thing on netflix AGAIN and now i'm starting it over AGAIN

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