Monday, July 16, 2018

Tuesday Morning ( like.. 2am morning)

SOO hi
yesterday was ok. save for some bad luck on Stan's end. (will explain later)

I got up at 5 am and got a shower and left around 6:30 am for Walmart. I forgot my makeup bag and stand was my hero and brought it with him when he came to pick me up at walmart. We left my car there like we always do, and went to birmingham.

I made stan go in with me on my psychiatrist appointment, to reinforce my side effects from Rexulti and why we stopped it without telling him. And he was ok with our deccision on that, and marked me as allergic to that medication. The doctor has decided to just leave off my fourth medication for now, and let me see how I handle things. Since I seem to be having complications with everything he's given me, and the weight gain I've experienced is surreal.
I did, by the way, get some praise from both my Psychiatrist and Psychologist on my socializing at home more. I have been spending a lot of time in the livingroom interacting with my family, rather than hiding in the bedroom all day. And it really is a big step for me. Though I'm still not leaving the house hardly at all. like. AT ALL.
But hopefully I will keep progressing.

After the appointment we went to IHOP like we traditionally do and I had the best omelette ever (my stomach was being weird, well no my stomach my esophagus. so it was hard to enjoy it but it was the best, really)
on the way back Stan started to feel feverish which is bad because I've been sneezing and headache and coughing and feeling under the weather myself. AND Stan can't get sick because of work, so I feel bad if he caught whatever I have.

He dropped me off at walmart at my car, I bought two things, and went home.

And once he got to work, he found out he had to stay extra late because Trump went all weird and lovey dovey with Putin.

When I got home myself My dad was just finishing up the cabinet he was working on (i even held the back on a little while he staple gunned the back on well they're nails but look like staples? IDK)
so that project is finished. But his truck had broken down earlier that day-- so he immediately had another thing to work on. But its ok, he seems to have fixed it and made double sure it doesn't happen again anytime soon (a hose leak)

And anyway, I went to sleep around a normal time. but i woke up at 1am so I am in the livingroom so I dont keep stan awake with my nonse noise and moving around all night.

And that was monday.

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