Monday, July 2, 2018

monday monday monday MEOWDAY

SOOOO today I got up at 5:30am to shave my legs. lol

we were almost late for the appointment. or is seemed like we were going to be, so i called in and told them and then my own psych was a little late so it worked out but my session was shorter than normal. =(

so yeah
Today was my every two week psychologist appointment. and we seem to be spinning our wheels a bit so he gave me a reading assignment and I have to get Stan to buy me the book but from the way my doctor talks it should be really really good book for me to read.

i've been playing STARDEW VALLEY on the nintendo switch a lot. and i really love this games. its like harvest moon but better in a way
i really wanted to get the harvest moon games on the ds/3ds but this is so much easier than that because its free and we dont have to go get it or download it.
well, i say it was free but it came with the switch when we bought it off gordon

my brother is working at Mercedes now and I am really proud of him... he seems to be doing ok so far but i feel like its only a matter of time before he does something wrong or shoot off his mouth and gets fired or in some big trouble. i really hope that doesn't happen but i know my brother and its really likely to happen

i am TRYING TRTING TRYING to quit smoking and it going so bad. i need to get vape juice that is .9mcg instead of .3
that might help a lot
gordon said .9 was too strong but he isnt coming off smoking he just started vaping first so he doesn't have any tolerance to nicotine

on the 16th i have TWO appointments back to back. first my psych for meds and then the therapy with the psychologist
i hope i can have some of that book read before my next appointment.

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