Wednesday, July 4, 2018

happy 4th of july

not much to say today

i need to wash some clothes
and lay off the coffee

i have recently come to terms that i am lactose intolerant

i also cannot eat anything with tomato sauce because it hurts me

so my diet is going to be changing to reflect these needs to keep me from feeling nauseated and sick all the time

my chromebook crashes everytime i load the facebook home page on the computer that I use (chromebook)

so i will not be going on there on here. just my phone. which is no fun because i cannot time worth a flying poop on my phone.

trying to switch to vaping instead of smoking is HARD YALL

i've been writing in my journal a lot lately. just a lot of things on my mind

i'm cramping a lot this week because of lady problems

stan and i are TRYING to come to an agreement on our vacation for this fall and not agreeing on anything and its making me sad and upset but there has to be a way that we can do this somehow.
I just dont wanna go on vacation the last week of august because last year that was the week nana went downhill and died.
and yes i am still in the anger part of mourning. haven't gotten to acceptance yet.

i need more lollipop but i dont wanna drive anywhere because the tire on my car is not right. i dunno what is wrong with it... it feels like theres a knot on the tire. but i am unedumacated in these things so i dunno what it is.

mom is going to fayette for avon and to see pawpaw. he fell down yesterday and we think he might be hurt and just not telling anybody.

i am gonna try to be happy today but i dont know if i can manage it.
but i will try

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