Wednesday, June 27, 2018


ok so

I havent updated in AGES

so I will talk about the KY trip

we left friday and came back tuesday
we were gonna come back monday but we were too tired (or stan was and he has to drive)
the trip was good. I got to spend a lot of time with my mother in law (one of my favorite people)
stan and i went to his class reunion on saturday
I had to borrow clothes from his mom because the dress i wanted to wear was like three sizes too big and ithought it would be ok but when i put it on again i hated it a lot
so i borrowed a shirt and it looked pretty good
i wish i had dressed up more but stan promised me it was ok

we hung out with stans friend Meg. and we also went to see Tanners new place and get a lot of movies and stuff from him (digital on a hard drive stan has)

I was sick most of the time we were there. Indigestion so bad I was vomiting. NOT FUN
but i managed to stay in moderately good spirits
or i tried to

stans mom gave us some dog treats for the babies and they love them
Little Bear was adorable... i am definitely going to get a Shih-Tzu when we get our own place
(stan is getting a dog he wants and i'm getting one i like)

it rained a LOOOOOT while we were on vacation and on the way back it did too

I have an appointment on July 2nd with my head shrinker (lol mr. finger)

we are back home and its so HOT
heat advisory and everything

my dad is making some different wall plaques and they look so good! i am so proud of my dad with all his work

I am ALMOST finished with Pokemon Ultra Sun the second time lol

tonight mom is staying with pawpaw which is good because he gets lonely
and dad too i think

stan and i are alone with dinner which is fun but i have to get him to get me something i can eat and not have acid reflux really bad

I am so happy right now even though I feel sick almost 24/7

its about to storm so i'm gonna finish this and turn off my computer.
i have a weird fear of my computer getting hit by lightining

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