Friday, June 29, 2018

i know i just updated but

man we had some wicked bad storms yesterday and the power went out for 12 hours.

it got soooo hot i had to sleep in the livingroom on the couch

there's been so many storms this week. I hope everyone that might read this is ok.

In a slightly related note:
I hope everybody reading this knows I can SEE when they visit my blog.
not only that, I can see HOW MANY TIMES they do.
and when the location is, for certain, a place where I know someone.... oh, lets say Kentucky. Just for shits and giggles. I can see how many times a day you check this page.

so maybe i will update more. if you're hoping for more information on horrible little ole me.

hahaha ok anyway
i dont mind you reading this i was trying to make a joke and it didn't turn out right.
the joke was im horrible person etcetc etc etc

we usually eat pizza on fridays but we just had that last night because the power was out (for 12 hours straight btw)
and we asked Stan to bring us dinner. He is so very kind.

so I have no idea what we will eat tonight.

also i am sad because my chromebook is trying to go out on me. it reboots when i try to load three pages at once and it never used to have problems with this. its mostly when i try to load facebook. which makes me sad because thats how i talk to stan and april all day.

I have to pee every 30 mins.
I have a lot of pregnancy sypmtoms but there is no way in HELL i can be pregnant.
I have been vomiting randomly. the smells make me so nauseated I can't stand it... when i try to wash dishes I get sick.
I get food cravings (but i'm trying to blame that on my new medicine)


this new medicine could possibly the reason for a lot of this. I hope. even though these sideaffects aren't listed in the medication info pamplet. and i've read the whole thing just to be sure i know everything.

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