Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trying to look forward to therapy

This is the binder trapper keeper thing I am *PLANNING ON USING* for therapy..... Whenever I finally get to have therapy.
I super glued the puffy stickers to the front of the binder. That i covered in decorative duct tape, lol.
Some of the puffy stickers have googly eyes teehee
The "dashboard" of the planner is scrapbook stickers that were gifts from people
and the kawaii stickers I bought like, two years ago. And never used for all this time but thought maybe this is a good thing to use them for.
Like I said... Not feeling very positive about this.. Whole trying to get help thing.
These mental health clinics are really really disappointing. Like. It's disheartening and making me want to give up. Nobody is answering phones. I have to leave messages on machines. And they never, ever call back. Ever.
And we call again.
And get machine again.
And they don't call back again.
So we call again.
.... And so on. So forth.
I have been keeping a log of who and where I call. When I call. If I get a person or a machine. If I left a nice message or a snarky one (because they are so so so upsetting)
Etc etc.
I have 9 pages of notes from calling people.
We started on Jan 3.
Nothing has happened all this time except for one place took my info and told me it would probably be March before they can see me.
Which is... Really upsetting but they a atleast listened to me and took notes and seemed to give a care even though they don't think they can help right now. I felt better after talking to them anyway.
I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. House cleaning and upkeep and just... Trying to get things sorted now that kami-con is over.

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