Thursday, December 21, 2017

Yule greetings.

I have finally gotten all the Christmas cards we plan to send ready. Now I gotta get to post office. They will probably be late but I tried lol.
Jo and alaina will almost definitely get theirs late.

I hadn't been sleeping much at night for a few days and today I put on beauty and the beast (orig) got under the heavy blanket and passed the fuck out. When I woke up the movie was over and playing the menu music on repeat.

I feel so lazy. Idk.
I gonna probably go to the post office tomorrow. And that will be the last day I leave the house before Christmas.

I keep getting distracted and not having time to play pokemon.
I mean all I have to do is be ready for kami-con and... Well... Actually i always suck at battle with actual people so I Need to try and get like.... Three good teams.
Just cause.
After kami-con I will be able to go back and play pokemon Gold like I wanted to before ultra sun moon came out.
Also they are releasing pokemon crystal on the download store.

I have lot of projects to get on. Crochet. Um... Well, visiting people is a project. Julie Jess April. Mawmaw at aunt Debra's and uncle Steven's. Douglas.
I have to make cat tail before kami-con.
Get more tigers eye beads somehow and fix stans bracelet.
The bedroom needs more cleaning.
I wanna really really clean the bathtub so I can enjoy bubble bath and salt soaks and bath bombs.
Also blogging here on the regular is an on going project.

I assessed my jewelry and I want to make more necklaces before the druid city arts and crafts festival.
And we can mark down the price on some of the oldest stuff I have. I need to purge stuff that probably won't sell at the price I wanted because fashions have changed. Which means I need to start looking at the new spring color trends and styles. Which means research.
I ran out of composition notebooks so I need a project notebook for this spring.
However if dad and I split a tent I won't be able to display as much stuff. And I'm also anxious about if they will let us split a tent because of sales tax things they do. And also we wouldn't be able to use my business name. It'd have to be a new combo name.

I am glad I have most of kami-con cosplay sorted. I just need a tail. And to finish ultra sun.
Then I can focus on jewelry design again.
I need new business cards. I don't think the Google talk number is working or works at all. I guess I  Could get Stan to call it and see. If it works I will keep the old business card but I don't have many so this is the last time for them.
I should try to have stuff in my etsy shop. That's another project. January brings allllllll the projects. And hopefully Stan's dad and step mom can visit us in January.
And or we go up there In late spring? We have to see his mom.

I am getting cold more often lately. I guess it's getting colder. And I'm getting older.

My friend Julie got engaged finally. She has been with the same guy for like... Almost 10 years? Idk lol.
They wanted to get a trailer first and they did. So it's... Final happening for her and I am so happy.

Also my bro and Krista should be getting married in 2018.

I have my Xmas eve pajamas and morning clothes picked out even though it's not be a big deal.
I think i wanna marathon Harry Potter on Xmas eve and day. Good Xmas movies. There are others too. Maybe Stan has better ideas. That i actually like.

We gotta get together with Alex and sagen.
And make reservation for hotel In Birmingham for kami-con. And get tickets... For me. Stans needs to get his press shit together and ask and whatever.

I am falling asleep again
Can you believe that?
Im gonna go do stuff now....

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