Sunday, November 5, 2017

Just a FYI update on something

So like... I am pretty much living off of canned tuna. Canned white meat chicken. Canned green beans. Cup of chicken noodle soup. Tapioca pudding cups. Wheat thins. And light fat free yogurt and English muffins and sugar free jam. Sometimes plain instant oatmeal packets. And pretzels and animal crackers.
I do eat other stuff sometimes but it's sparingly.

I know it's definitely not ideal nutrition. At all. But I'm eating tuna and chicken(protein) . I have never been into red meat very much anyway (I have veggie bocaburger things for when my family does hamburgers and hot dogs)
I take multivitamins... I almost never did that in the past because they make me nauseated. But the adult gummy vitamin are okay.
I am doing the best I can right now. I was better for a bit. Then the past few months I've just been.. Going down hill. And now.. In the past few days I just feel like... A switch has been turned on in my head. I don't have enough energy or mental willpower to fight this right now. I get really really bad anxiety and guilty feels when I eat... Other stuff. Furthermore I don't trust or like eating at restaurants because I don't get to measure out serving sizes. And I don't get to see the food being cooked. Or atleast know how it's being done.
But I do sometimes eat other stuff. I do. So nobody freak out. My family is here with me and they know I am eating.
It's just a little harder than it was. And seems to be getting harder here lately.

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