Sunday, October 1, 2017

weekly recap sept 25th - oct 1st

It's been a long time since I have updated. I'm not going to talk about the vacation because it's nobody's business. I went to the beach. thats that.

Here's the weekly report lol

MONDAY SEPT 25, 2017:

Back to the grind. Stan goes back to work and am at home doing random stuff. I started unpacking the stuff from the vacation... i hung up as much clothes as possible but i ran out of hangers (mom went to nana and pawpaws and got me more hangers so we didn't have to buy any)
over night my dad passed out in the bathroom on the floor and that makes me worry alot... he seems fine now but still-- thats not good. they dont have health insurance and anymore. =( =( =(

I woke up really early.. at 4:45am... the concert was tuesday night an it was awesome.
I left the house around 3:30pm and went to walmart to get a clear plastic see through bag clutch thing to take into the concert because they are worried about security. here is a pic of my in the car of the walmart parking lot.
the sun was shining and i couldnt tell what the photo actually looked like so i was like "lets just do it" and posted it anyways lol

 we had dinner at pearl garden.
I ate 3 egg rolls and they were delicious. they are quiet big and very filling.
however i was craving sweets so we went to a store and got me some sweets lol
i thought i would be satisfied with the reese's but it was the tastykake pie that really hit the spot.
i was very unhappy with eating so much but stan reminded me that it was a "DATE NIGHT" and i should give myself a break. so.... yeah.

we went to the amphitheater parking area and gor really good close parking because stan has a handicap tag. we were really early so we just stood around in the parking lot for a while.
parking lottttt....

when we went into the thing to get our seats a guy came up to use and asking where we were sitting with our tickets and he gave us tickets closer to the stage. FOR FREE. it was so awesome!!!!!
I really liked the opening band- St. Paul and the Broken Bones.
i want to see them again if i can. they have a good vibe going.
I liked Hall and Oates too but I was sad i didnt recognize more of their songs... =(
heres the stage.. we were closer than we would've been. and there were empty seats around us so we could have more room to get comfortable. the entire row in front of us was empty.
I ran into Alex on the stairs to the smoking section and he said hi and i saw him walking with Zack to the little wall you can sit on by the bathroom and i went down there and Sagen went into the bathroom. we talked a bit. but not long. there really wasnt time to talk lol
I went back to stan and we listened to the rest of the concert. I really enjoyed spending time with stan like this. and I have decided we should go to some indoor concert performances of the UA symphonic bands or concert bands or whatever in the Moody Music Building on campus. it would make me happy because i miss music a lot... and it would be a good time for us to spend time together away from the house.

anyways.... we found out later that Alex got sick and they had to leave the concert early... apparently he had food poisoning. he was really really sick. =( it wasnt contagious i dont think. i hugged him and i am fine.

getting out of the parking lot at the theater was INSANE. people just wouldn't stop coming. we had to wait forever. and then when we finally got some space to leave... the other cars were coming through and wouldnt stop even one second to let us out. eventually we got out and stan took me to my car and walmart and we headed home... i left before him and he beat me home. lol i missed the first turn to get to my house (i have trouble seeing at night), so i took an alternate route .. and he beat me home. lol
we didnt get in bed until midnight... stan was really tired the next day.

on WEDNESDAY Sept 27, 2017
got 4 hours of sleep...I did the usual seeing stan off to work... then i got dressed and went to town because i had planned to shop the day before.. before the concert but i didn't make it to town in enough time.
so I went to big lots for the first time in over a year ... and was highly disappointed. most of the things they had were more expensive than dollar tree and walkmart. except for i found those pretzel crisps chips in original flavor ... the big party size bag for $1.90... which $2 less or so. I spent a LOOOOOOT of money when I went to walkmart. I got halo top ice cream, i cant believe its not butter spray, banana pop tarts, yogurt, tuna, tapioca, sugar free peach preserves, sprinkles for cookies, razors for shaving, breakfast granola biscuits in blueberry for stan, some zapps chips called "voodoo" flavor and they are sooooo good, i got a big bag of those litle dum dum suckers, a cookies and creame candy bar, a bag of candy corn for mom and dad, i got vanilla frosting to make cookies for the game on the week end. and i got dry cat food for the kitties.
 at night i looked up the concerts at the moody and saved some of them to my calendar to make sure i know about them and dont forget.

thursday i had trouble sleeping so i woke up at like 2:30 am and stayed up.
i didn't do much on thursday--- but i did organize my closet and clothes for fall!!!!!! which is kind of big deal cause its really hard and lot of clothes in a tiny space.

FRIDAY SEPT 29, 2017
i had another bad night of sleep... like 2 hours of sleep
I baked my cookies for the game.

I ate some of the other store bought cookies we had and i binged and i felt really bad. like so fat and horrible. i went to sleep and had severe convulsions again. for the second night a row.

another night of bad sleep... the convulsion are getting to me i am scared to even try to sleep and i get severe anxiety before bedtime and i fight my sleep because i know its gonna happen and then it starts happening when i'm awake and just SITTING THERE. like im having spasms convulsions while i'm awake sitting or standing just... randomly
i took a shower... much needed.

before the game stan and i went to the store to get more stuff for the game get together because david and lauren were coming (they came but they were really late.. like after the start of the game and after dinner and the cooking) stan got me tuna and yogurt and gum... we got some bottled water and more wings for stan to cook and some bbq sauce.
i was really nice to everyone and i tried really hard to be social. i had a little help with that. so it was easier.

i had trouble sleeping AGAIN... my convulsions get... so weird.. like my arm jerk around and move and shit and my legs kick and my torso tightens up and shit. 

so now its sunday


I am doing laundry today and we are eventually going to watch Game of Thrones and get me caught up to as far as they have on HBO now.

stan is feeling bad so he rescheduled his interview with the lady that is doing a story on him because he is a big fucking deal =) =P

Anyway 😘😎

this update took forever to type because i kept getting distracted lol

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