Tuesday, October 31, 2017


so the weekend get away was great. we gave decided to do that more often. it was really good for us. mentally and emotionally and as a couple to get out and be on our own. to be able to sleep and be around each other without knowing somebody is in the next room. that shit messes with your head. i think
stan ate a huge turkey leg drumstick thing. and i got three quartz crystals to wrap and make pendants out of... after that i was pretty much happy. nothing could ruin my day. lol
i ate enough for like 3 people at the place we went to for dinner.. Shoneys.. they are very rare and almost non existent but  they was one so we went there and i ate and ate and ate and ate.
and then i ate little debbie snack cakes at the hotel.
we watched random movies on the hbo or whatever they have in the hotel
and went to bed early ish i think
i didnt sleep much. i woke up and played on my phone and AT MORE STUFF I SHOULDNT HAVE EATEN. BECAUSE I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL
stan and i had a good morning on sunday morning.
and we ate breakfast and left and went to dollar tree and came home.
and crashed and i slept... for a lomg time.
and on monday i slept a lot more
i feel sickish

i think i caught something at the fair so i am feeling a little under the weather.
i am behind on laundry, didn't do that on sunday. and trying to do that today
i need to refill my med case i have been just filling up for a day or two and i need to do it for a whole week so i dont have to keep coming back and redoing it every few days

i talked to my cousin douglas on the phone yesterday for almost 2 hours and it was nice but he was feeling down so it wasnt nice... i dunno. i have this whole... need to fix people want to make everybody happy and i cant help him much but tell him what to do to get started on taking care of himself mental health wise and thats all i can do. other than listen because i know what he is going through better than anybody else he knows

i have some personal projects this week. i also need to work on trying to see april. and douglas. but that means gas money and i hate asking stan for gas money because i makes me feel like a piece of shit.

i want to art journal and journal and... work on.. i dunno. christmas card mailing lists? i wanna do that this year! it gives me happy and something to do.
i need to pick out what to wear to the holiday things and for when we travel and i know its a long time from now but if i dont start doing it i will feel rushed and freak out when it gets closer.

idk what else
im gonna go do stuff

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