Friday, October 6, 2017

TGIF-- its been one hell of a week.

this has been a horrible week full of bad stuff.....
lets recap shall we?


I washed the bedding and put on fresh stuff the bed feels nice and clean. i gathered up the clothes i need to get dry cleaned soon before fall. I did my laundry but didn't put it up lol.
and of course the shooting happened over night or last night or something. they arent calling him a domestic terrorist when thats obviously what he is.... they are trying to make us only associate the word terrorist with islam people and other such people... its making me sick to my stomach... its not fucking ok... like.. so mad.. so so so so so mad.
so horrible. the guy has no forseeable motives.. i think he is just a legit psychopath and decided to go human hunting. he was a high stakes gambler so maybe he was looking for the next adrenaline "rush"...

and then the bad thing--- Tom Petty died. he was so important to me. jesus.
I have made a list of my favorite songs... its really long

  • "Breakdown"
  • "The Wild One Forever"
  • "American Girl"
  • "I Need To Know"
  •  "Listen To Her Heart"
  • "Refugee"
  • "You Got Lucky"
  • "Free Fallin'"
  • "I Won't Back Down"
  • "Runnin' Down A Dream"
  • "Yer So Bad"
  • "Into The Great Wide Open"
  • "Wildflowers"
  • "You Don't Know How It Feels"
  • "You Wreck Me"
  • "It's Good To Be King"
  • "Honey Bee"
  • "Mary Jane's Last Dance"

seriously... seeing tom petty was one of the only concerts i really really wanted to go to. i already saw the Steve Miller Band.
i dont want to see Fall Out Boy because i've watched them live and i would be setting myself up for disappointment. plus i dont really like their new album. I like the one right after they came off hiatus. but idk... i am just not feeling the current music on the radio.
I have been listening to the cool oldies station on iHeartRadio everytime i drive somewhere. and in honor of Tom Petty they are doing a station that plays only Tom Petty... usually if you search for an artist it will play the artist and other similar artist... but right now tom petty plays ONLY tom petty.

i do want to see a few of the band concerts at the music moody building this fall/winter. i need to update stan on those so we dont miss the good ones i think there is one monday or tues of next week.


ok on tuesday i started playing pokemon sun again.. i went to the first island and got out new level one pokemon that i got from wonder trade that i never used before
-eevee (it evolved into a sylveon on its own really fast so awesome)
-vulpix (i got a vulpix from an older game in wonder trade so someone put theirs in the pokebank and uploaded to the sun/moon stuff. because the sun/moon versions of vulpix are ice instead of fire.... and this vulpix is fire... and it turned into ninetails with a stone.
-petilil i got from wonder trade... i evolved into a Lilligant (which is the pokemon i named my cat after)

 those are some of the ones i've used or am using... i cant remember the others (when they have evolved all the times they will i put them away and take out another and work on it)
 and i dont want to get out my 3ds yet
 (the level one pokemon were bred in the pokemon nursery in any of the games that are on the 3ds (including the downloadable old school games-- they are compatible with the PokeBank... and they can be transferred into the new game)
i finally got my own clothes put up and did some clothes organizing for fall (again) i have so many clothes its really hard to get it done.. and we are going to get more clothes from storage and buy some so its not over yet....
i was really lazy on tuesday... a lot of pokemon and watching "Orange is the New Black" on netflix. i dunno how many episodes are there but i need to finish so i can move on to the other stuff i wanna watch... lol this is taking up to much time haha


on wednesday i went to winndixie to get out of the house... i bought those really awesome "clif" protein bars that work as meal replacements. they were marked down to $1 a piece so that was good.
I played pokemon on the 3ds. still tryin out the new pokemon.
i cleaned the bedroom!!!! took out three bags of trashhhh... omg


thursday i worked on the shopping list for sunday. kept an eye on the tropics... played pokemon some more. and i attempted to pick out a ring for christmas... i dunno. 
i couldn't sleep so i stayed in the livingroom so stan could rest without me waking him up a lot all night with my noise.
i binged after everyone went to bed last night.. lots of food i ate..and i didn't purge.... so... fml fml fml fml fml
i fell asleep around 3am listening to tom petty


today is friday and i got up early and saw stan off to work and got ready and went to town to get some stuff.... i went to the store and attempted to buy food to replace what i had eaten
and i came home and now i'm relaxing... updating me blog... watching the news and weather and shit.
might take a nap idk
the tropical storm nate track has moved more to the east so that is bad for stan... he might have to go down there to cover it
they are doing pizza for dinner and i am not eating it after eating so much last night omgggg i just cant even... no

looking ahead--

on saturday stan has to go to marion, al for a interview for a story.. and he wont be back until... like.. dinner time. but he doesnt go until after lunch. so he can sleep in.
the game is away and i dont suppose we will do anything this weekend.

on sunday (if the tropical storm/hurricane nate doesnt ruin it-- if it hits the gulf coast of alabama and is bad he will have to go down there. he is scared and i am trying to be understanding but i just.. dont see what there is to be scared of. not with a storm thats less than a cat 3. i dont know.. maybe i am just talking out my ass because i've never stood in one but i dont think i would have that much trouble staying at the coast when a storm hit. unless it was a 3 or 4  or 5. i guess its normal to fear things.. maybe my not fearing things is a bad thing because i am careless with my life? idek whatever)

so anyways pending the storm not ruining it... stan and i are going by the storage unit (not sure if we are going before we shop or after) to get stuff for the festival that dad is doing on october 14. so excited about this.. he has been working so hard on his wood work stuff and i just hope he gets a good reception from these people... i know i tried it with my jewelry and i didnt sell a single thing last year :(
after we go to the storage unit we have to go to the radio station so stan can do stuff for work. we might go to the mall (if stan wants to look for clothes for him) ... other wise we will go to walmart and i will get some clothes and other necessities that are really important.. we might get stuff at walmart that is cold and ... i dunno we have to work out the logistics of when we can go where to keep things from meting or going bad in the car. i really dont like the idea of going to winndixie or walmart and then taking the groceries up the elevator to the station and putting them in the fridge there and then taking them back down. it just seems like an unnecessary hassle to me when you could just work around it. i mean... what am i missing here? i dont get it

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