Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday 8/25/2017

It's Friday August 25. I am here at nana and pawpaw house with Krista (my soon to be sister in law)

Nana us asleep awake at same time if that makes any sense. We have an old school CD player with gospel music playing next to her. She seems to like it.
Pawpaw is out getting breakfast for himself and Krista.

I am snacking on my cheese-it's and yogurt. We are just waiting for her breathing to slow and the process start.... We don't know when I that will happen.

I am probably going to sit here tomorrow saturday. And let mom do Sunday.

We are all on alert this point. She has stopped eating and drinking. All meds are given rectal or dissolve in mouth liquid. No IV fluids.

I spent the last two days on a fog. I wasn't really awake i dont think. I guess that is how I ended up coping with it... I guess? I slept for a good long while and I feel okay.

I went to Walmart to try and get a lady minutes swimsuit put together with my size change lately and they are sold out. So I bought a size small solid black drawstring gym shorts. And a black spaghetti string tank top that fits snug. I have 2 identical bras so I can wear a bra and swim with that and not have to be arsed about the bra needing time to dry before I can wear it again.

I am going to need this vacation so bad when it gets here. I know it will be emotional Because nana and pawpaw always took me to Panama city Beach when I was little. But I think. It will be a cleansing thing for me too.

I am just.... Trying to split my attention between my husband and my nana /pawpaw /mom.
Nothing else is going on

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