Wednesday, July 5, 2017


So another opportunity has presented itself and Stan is jumping on it. This again could be a really big drastic change in our lives in a VERY VERY short amount of time.
Needless to say we are looking at houses again. 🏠🏡🏚️

I made a separate Instagram for my ed/Bipolar/anxiety/OCD stuff and it has been the best thing. I can post whatever I want and not worry about people seeing it and worrying
It's been very therapeutic in a way.
And I've made a friend on there too!

I'm mad that my ebay stuff isn't coming in faster. 🛍️📪✉️📨I guess I got my hopes up when the crystal points pendants came in really fast lol..
I should know better.. Ive bought like this before.
And then I ordered another $15 of stuff! 💰💰💲💲It will take even longer to get here lol
And the stuff in the second bulk of orders is the stuff I want the most. Damn it lolol

I slept for 4 hours last night.
2 hours the night before.
Zero hours the night before that.
Tonight is looking like a late night too. Lots of stuff I wanna do. 🚬🕯️☠️ #upallnightgotdemonstofight

Today I bought chain to repair a friend's rosary and some E beads to make a chain of beads for layering as necklaces or whatever. I will only need a tiny bit of the chain so I can use it to make something if I want.
I got caffeine and benadryl instead of melatonin because the melatonin isn't working. And I take 20mg of it. So yeah
Gonna use benadryl and get dry mouth real bad. Smdh lol
I got Primatene mist tablets

I have been eating less the past few days and it makes me feel powerful and in control of my life. 🍴🍴🍴

I have an appointment on July 11 with my nurse practitioner to get my meds rewritten. Should be the last time I have to go to Indian Rivers Mental Health clinic.

I have been clipping magazine stuff out and making collages to relax  and cope and inspire and such.
I am also working on turning a composition notebook into a one year anniversary trip planner memento scrapbook smashbook thing.

In random news: I had the AC on high in my car earlier today and I was smoking and a little piece of cigarette 🚬ash flew into my left eye.
Like right on the eyeball.
Omgggg so much help pain. But I kept. My cool. I didn't mess up my eye makeup rubbing my eye or anything lol

Other random news: I am extremely ITCHY right now! I don't even know why other than it seems like every time I go outside to do something like... Walk to the end of the road and check the mall or take the garbage cart down-- i just get really itchy. It's Gotta be Allergies.

But yeah

So tomorrow I think i will dedicate my time to Grey's anatomy because the newest season is up on Netflix.
Also I need to play Pokémon.
I am very close to the end of the game. And i know i can beat the people I'm just being weird. I wanna level up to 100 if I  can. Most of my pokemans are in the high 60s and the 70s. I think one might be in the 80s

Oh BTW I have had "lake of fire" by nirvana stuck in my head for a week now! Lol

We gave miss Lilly her flea and tick medicine today. Usually she takes a pill for it but they stopped selling it where we go to the vet. So for the first time in her life she got the oil drops on her skin. She was NOT pleased lol. She freaked out.. Because she could smell it on the back of her head/neck and she couldn't reach it.
The application on her butt though.. She probably ended up licking that one and omg I can only imagine what she must have thought after that.

I am actuary getting sleepy
Wow this is unbelievably expected.
I know If I go to sleep I will wake up. At 3 or 4am but I guess that will have to do.

So that's all.

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