Monday, July 24, 2017

It's monday... another week starting

the weekend passed without any events. we took a weekend off from the world in a sense.
this week we hope to hear from the pensacola job. and we hope it's good news.
i am praying. hard.

I am asking stan to go to walmart for me to get some thing from the pharmacy so i can use my money to go see my Nana in fayette again. I need to see her every week if i can. i don't know how many more weeks she has.

okay stan isnt going into work today he isnt feeling well.
so he will have to go tomorrow to the pharmacy.
not sure whats made him sick.

i was going to take a laxative today because its been a week since i've pooped.
but idk if i will do that if we are going to be fighting over the bathroom today lol

so other than the hoping for a phone call and seeing my nana i don't really think anything is happening this week.
two of my friends have birthdays--- one of them is Jess and the other is Martin.

i've been playing pokemon silver and its making me pretty happy. though i tend to get drowsy when i play it.
I finished the elite four in Sun and now I have to do the post game quests ....if i want to. i kind of want to go back through the game and catch any pokemon i missed or go shiny hunting. or just catch wondertrade foder and sit on wondertrade all day.
i wont be able to watch tv beacuse stan is here and that is ok. i CAN watch netflix on my chromebook though so that is fine.

i should finish the necklace i started last week with the shell chips. and start the milky quartz chipped gemstone necklace (i want to pick out the beads that are mostly clear and use those for a separate piece though ... there seems to be a few of them and that would give me two pieces from one batch of stuff to upcycle.)

so today i will either do these things or take care of my husband. maybe try to do both.

i might shower today. or wait until tomorrow. i'm not sure.

nothing to really talk about. its been really quiet here.

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