Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday date Day /pizza friday

Today was pretty good. I woke up before my alarm went off this morning and got a shower and got ready without too terribly much anxiety. Buy right as we were leaving i had a wave of panic and had to take a lot of deep breaths.
I handled lunch OK. I only ate one of the two pieces of pizza🍕 and that was the best idea ever because if I ate two I would have been miserable. I brought the second home and just had it a while ago for dinner.

The spiderman move is freaking awesome. I loved it. It was so funny! 😅😅😅

After that we went to the mall. Stan bought me some necklaces to take apart and make stuff out of. And also a spinner ring to replace the one I dropped in the toilet. 🚽 lol

We went to Walmart and got my meds even though we didnt need them yet... The pharmacy called the house number and told mom it was ready. I don't even know how they got the house number.
We also got cotton rounds for my astringent and Lilly some fancy feast cat food. And I got some swimsuit bottoms that are black and cover my fat thighs.
On the way home I though we were going to run in a storm but little did I know.... It was moving west instead of east. So it was passed us and moved away. So boo on that.

I got home and some more of my ebay orders came in. One of them sent the wrong thing but it's okay I will wear it anyway.

I ate my pizza. Did the dishes and now I'm in  bed falling asleep

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