Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Saturday wedding

I am attending a wedding today. This is only the second wedding I've been to in my entire life. And I'm 31. Lol I guess you can say I've avoided them.
I am nervous because there will be  lot of people I don't know there... But I am going to be with Stan and my mom and dad and Brother and Krista. And the wedding is for our  good friends David (who is like an adopted son to my parents) and Lauren. So I  going to try and make /let myself enjoy a wedding for the first time.

The dress I'm wearing is a vintage dress from the closet of my great grandmother (or my great aunt. Not sure which. I prefer to say my grandmother but in all honesty I like my aunt more. Either way both of them have passed on so RIP to them. Its an honor to own and wear something they wore when they were alive)
The dress is definitely a Granny looking dress but it's also a style of dress that has become popular here lately. So it's cool. And even if it hadn't become popular I like the dress so much I'm going I'd wear it anyway.
So it's almost 9am.
The wedding at 2pm.we will leave at 1:15pm.
My little brother is in the wedding (a groomsman) and has to walk down the aisle and stand there. He has obviously never done this before so I am nervous for him. I am also excited to see him dressed up because he never ever dresses up for anything.
I don't know if we will go to the reception because Stan doesn't want to and I am riding with him and he makes the decisions. Plus I don't know if I can even handle it to be honest. My anxiety has been real bad lately. and I'm sure the reception will involve eating and i just don't think I can do that after the pizza I ate last night.

My period is 5 days late today. So I am expecting it to start at the most awkward time (Aka during the wedding). Because that's just my luck. And for the record no I am not pregnant. I havent has sex.

We ordered a replacement battery for my Samsung galaxy 3.6 player and I was able to download the music off of it to my chromebook. However some of my favorite songs are in a wma format and cannot be played. So I have to save them to my Google drive. And open then on a windows machine and find a converter to make them mp3 then re-upload to Google drive. And then i can sync them all to my phone and use my phone as a media player.
I factory reset my Samsung galaxy and gave it to Stan as a late bday present cause I am too poor. To buy anything and he really needs a new player. He tried it out last night and he loves it.

Anyways I have to try and eat something. And wait for the hot water to refill (cause mom just showered first)... And then i will get my shower out of the way. So I can relax until later. Though I really won't have that much time to relax  but here's hoping I can sneak some Pokémon Sun in today between all thats going on. (still trying to level up to 100. It's taking a long time because the higher the level up the more xp it takes and well... I've kind of gotten to the highest level enemies I can battle for now so it takes over 9000 Pokémon battles to get there)

Anyways I need to go journal now.

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