Monday, July 3, 2017

a big recap

so... lets see. last saturday we went to a seafood buffet in Brent, al ... treated my dad out for late fathers day and early birthday. i ate so much i was sick lol

on sunday we went to the storage unit to get my jewelry pliers and wire so i can fix a friend of stan's rosary but i also need chain so i gotta get that too.
we went to winndixie and got me some more yogurt (the right kind) and chips.

today i have been watching what i eat. so i can enjoy dinner tonight.
i noticed they put the newest season of grey's anatomy on netflix so i have that to do. (SO EXCITED)

i read a little of "crazy in alabama"
I wrote in my journal
I did some magazine clipping collage stuff for art therapy. (really liking the stuff i have put togther so far. it pleases me)
but then i just watched greys.

i didnt sleep last night at all. like not even a minute and i havent slept all day today.

so i should sleep tonight really good. i hope to god lol.

we are working on getting stan off work for our anniversary trip in september. we have picked out a hotel and i love it. it has a kitchen
this is the one we want. the king non smoking with kitchen. all rooms are beach side
i am so excited i cant even... just.. if it finally happens. it we FINALLY GET TO GO. FINALLY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS
just yeah
it will blow my mind

i have to get a swimsuit though and i am dreading the hell out of that.
because god knows i am fat piece of shit right now

i have to go eat dinner

i might do another entry later

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