Thursday, June 15, 2017

The fastest trip ever

We left Alabama at 8:30am yesterday and we are already on our way home.
Things went good. Life might be getting really interesting here soon!
It's kind of like real life might be starting... If we get a house. I don't even... It's so much adjusting and I am nervous as hell but I am so excited that I am somehow tolerating it so far.
Last night we had dinner with Stan's dad and step mom and i held myself together and talked and it was not easy.
However it was easier than it had ever been. So things are getting better. Baby steps.
We stayed overnight at his dad /step mom place and they have done remodeling and his dad is building stuff and everything looks amazing.
They have a really nice house. It's inspiring like browsing pinterest lol 
This morning I got up at 5:30am which is 30 mins later than I wantes to but I really needed those 30 mins.
And thanks to dry shampoo and such I was ready in time to let Stan have the bathroom when he got up to get ready. I try to get ready and out of the way because it takes me a while to get ready and plus I usually need to rest after getting ready because I get anxious and hot and shaky and sweaty. Yay panic and anxiety 
While Stan did his really really important thing.. I stayed with his mom. And we went shopping. Just a few stores. I found stuff at Big Lots that I want for our house... Making mental notes. Gonna look up pinterest stuff like it. i had a reallly REALLLY GOOD TIME with Miss Joy. and i am excited to live near her soon... hopefully.

I am on Pinterest all the time. And ebay. And snapchat. And Instagram. I am doing making plans and I dunno maybe I am manic or hypomanic. gotta be hypo because I'm not being to terrible yet lol
So yeah I'm blogging on the drive home. I'm surprised I have stayed awake so far. We ran into some serious heavy rain right when we left Morehead. It was so bad I got scared cause couldn't see the road 
So we will be crossing over into Tennessee in a bit. Gonna make a pit stop at the rest station. Then go on.. Traffic in Nashville is going to be easy because it's not rush hour.
We won't be eating dinner until like.. 10pm because of the traveling so I gyros I won't eat dinner. It's ok I had breakfast and lunch today. Which has is more than enough to be honest. I need to stop eating.
I'm a little fattie mcfatterson.
The worst part of this trip has been my sinus allergies giving me severe pressure headache. The entire right side of my face was hurting so bad.
I have spent most of the ride home so far on my phone customizing my icons and wallpapers lol I am easily occupied apparently.
But yeah
SO we will get home around midnight and my poor husband has to go to work tomorrow morning. I am very not happy with this.
And then Saturday is the banquet and I am going... and i am going to feel like a huge fat ass in my dress so I am going to be grumpy and anxious and blah blah blah
Tired of blogging now
About to stop and stretch legs

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