Sunday, June 25, 2017

stan has been away...

stan has been in Miami for a business trip with his job... he left thursday and he is coming home today (sunday)

on friday I went to town and thought i was going to buy clothes but i didn't find anything i wanted. so i bought more dry shampoo and razors because its always good to stock up. i use two razors every time i shower because i'm weird about shit. anyway

i slept 2 hours the night before last. and 4 hours last night. and i dosed off for an hour this morning after getting up at 6am

i have already done the sunday laundry--- i hung up the clothes that needed to be hung up immediately the rest of it can wait.

we are supposed to be leaving for bham to get stan at 3pm and its almost 3 but i dont think we will really leave that early

i miss stan a lot and when he gets home i want to lay in bed and cuddle for a long time
but thats after i massage his legs with the massager because he did a lot of walking on this trip and he is in pain

some of my ebay stuff has started coming in.

here is what has come in so farrrr:

this watch surprised me! it was in 12 hour mode (though can be in 24 hour) has a month date and day feature! also an alarm! it lights up too i think! it was $1 or so free shipping and it looks exactly like the hot pink one i got a few years ago at walmart that costed $15 (the little pins to change the date time settings came out so i couldn't adjust the time and so. yeah... this is good replacement)

i got these crystal points for $1 a piece. rose quartz amethyst opalite (moonstone) and clear crystal
all my goodies of this nature are in storage so WHY NOT YOU KNOW

i am going to heave to leave soo to go to bham to get my man (dad is driving) and we are going to stop and get food on the way home and that will be my big meal today. i have kept my weight down and didnt realize it so yay me. i havent even been biking! so now when i do it should be even better.

the power went out friday and was out for 7 hours. it was so fucking hot. oh. my. god.
i decided to start reading a new book (danielle steel) and its great (as usual) and i was reading by candle light when the sun went down... my phone battery almost died but my friend Jess made me realize i could plug my phone into my laptop and charge it from the laptop battery. derp. i felt stupid! lol

mom and dad went out to eat last night and i took a shower and a salt bath so i am all clean and cleansed emotionally/mentally/spiritually.

i started an instagram for my business and i keep getting followers and likes but its other businesses and that doesnt help me at all =(

i have a huge bruise on my right arm where my cat scratched me. the scratch isnt that bad but the bruise around it is MASSIVE and it looks really bad and weird. =( when i see connie (my NPr i see for my meds) i will tell her and see what she thinks.

i need a therapist but i cant see one beause it would cost $160 and i'm already paying $160 for just 15 mins with Connie to get my prescriptions done... so fuck shit.

i dont know what i will get insurance. im have started to think i wont ever get it. and this is it for me.
we cant really afford it. we will never have enough money to put back for a place of our own if i get insurance.
it is one of those things that is really really breaking my heart right now

i gotta go we are leaving to get stan
will update more later

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