Monday, June 19, 2017

hello monday

this week will definitely be interesting.

my Dad has a job interview today at 11. an again tomorrow somewhere.
Stan is in automation all day to get ready for the fact that he will be gone on thursday and friday. he is going to Miami for a work thing and will be gone through sunday.
while he is gone my meds run out so i have to call them in and go get them myself-- he gave me the money to do it. which makes me feel weird because i know he doesnt like giving me that much cash at one time. but theres no other way for me to get my meds so thats what gotta happen.

I went shopping yesterday and bought a lot of stuff. clothes. health and beauty things. food. cat stuff.
i spent $75 so all i have left is the change left over from that $20 i broke at the dollar general/biglots in Morehead on the trip.

i did put gas in my car though so i have half a tank. so that will last me a trip or two to town.

i havent talked to my mom anymore about my nana... i need to ask her. i think she is keeping the details from me because she knows i am going to freak out (already did freak out)

today i am folding laundry, riding the exercise bike, helping mom can some peas, patching up stans blue jeans (with the help of my mom), going to try not to eat too much... get back on the diet
and i will play pokemon or magikarp jump or something.

i tried to play pokemon and take on the last thing and i almost got my ass handed to me by a NPC friend character in the game. so yeah i am not as bad ass as i thought. i got more training to do 😬

ok i gotta go do stuff now

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