Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blogging in the car lol

Smdh for blogger app right now. I had typed out a really long useful post about the things coming up and it lost it. Grrr. 
July 6th is my dad's birthday and we still haven't taken him out for Father's day dinner. So I suggested to dad that we go to the seafood buffet he likes so much. Just have to keep an eye on the calendar to figure out what day.
Also my ebay stuff should all come in... Between now and the end of July.
Since we aren't moving to Kentucky.. Dad and Stan get to go see the Stephen King movie together.
Also there is a comedian coming to Birmingham that dad likes and we talked about taking mom and dad to see it.
... Let's see. David and Lauren are getting married so we have that to do also.
Julie has her birthday and so does April.
I would like to go to trivia at Druid City Brewery... or see Alex and Sagen soon. Because the awards banquet was very... Well. Formal lol
And then there is August
Alaina's birthday. Mom's bday. Gordon bday. Pawpaw birthday. Jessica birthday. Martin's birthday.
Am I forgetting people? I wish FB birthdays would sync with Google calendar lol maybe there is a way.
In September you have mine and Stan's one year wedding anniversary. And Mac and CB wedding (on the same day)..... Not sure what's happening with that.
I mean it's our first anniversary damn it.
Also my parents have their anniversary. And my nana has her birthday
I need to get my new driver's license with my married name because until then my PayPal is in the name Reynolds-Wyman
At some point I am supposed to be able to get health insurance but I will believe it when I see it. Not much faith on that anymore.
I would really like to go to the Gulf coast beach this September for our anniversary.
I have been waiting to go for years and something keeps coming up and stopping us. I need to hear the Ocean. I need to smell the salty air. Feel sand beneath my feet.
We just got to the airport.... Lol

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