Monday, May 15, 2017

starting a new week

this week is going to be insane because we gotta start the  clean up for the crawfish boil thing and i have to put my big girl panties on and do it

i have been exercising and its making me feel good... helping my mood.
i just wanna lost a little bit of weight so i can stop hating myself so much.

tomorrow Stan is going to Tuskegee alabama for a story for Alabama Public Radio and he has to get up at like.... 5 am  to get ready on time and leave and i am feeling really bad about this.... he will be driving a university vehicle so that is one thing to not worry about.
and then mom has to drive to birmingham for Avon awards thing so i have two people i love on the roads tomorrow and i am all kinds of panic.

i finished pokemon X (it was the best best best!!!!)
 and i restarted pokemon sun and they have to take my removal of the registration of the game with off and reset it. but i can still play it like normal and i can do wonder trade so that is good that is what makes me happy..i just cant game sync my stuff, but i should be able to when they review my removal and they said they do it during maintenance updates and well i tried to log in and it says they are doing maintenance so maybe it will be done tomorrow!!!!
or soon

im seriously considering asking stan to pay for the pokemon bank thing (its like $5 a year) to save my pokemon from games i've done... so see, if i have that before i restarted the games i could have kept them and played again, right?

then again i dont know what is going to happen with the next pokemon game will it be on the 3ds or the nintendo switch and i dont want to geta nintendo switch i dont like them and it would cost too much in the first place i am still making up for making stan buy me a 3ds this last year at black friday

i have a few games i want to play on the 3ds (harvest moon and zelda) so we will get some use out of it.. and that will make me feel better

anyways i need to stop typing because i type really loud and stan is trying to sleep so he can get up tomorrow to go be a journalist reporter person man thing.

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