Monday, May 29, 2017

house hunting in KY (part one of idek how many there will be)

post one of many probably.

just some links and ideas and what not.

we want to buy a house (mortgage or loan or whatnot) because we want 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms prefferably (but i am willing to do a 1 bathroom if its big enough) ....or is there is other cool things about the house that over rides things lol


our pricing range is $200,000 max
i've been looking online at
and we've found a few but Stan knows realtors in KY and thinks we can get shown stuff by them or have something worked out somehow, idk


  1. house #1 ... this is one that we keep coming back to because we like the exterior (its all retro and shit) but the problem is the bathroom ... only one bathroom and it's HIDEOUS... but i really really like the red and the triangles and the stone and yeah... i like the asthetics of the out side a lot. the inside is a little outdated---- the banners around the tops of the ceilings are tacky as hell... but the livingroom is huge. the bathroom is tacky as hell and is downstairs... the upstairs two bedrooms are bright purple and i kind of like it actually (but there's no bathroom upstairs at all).. slanted ceiling and stuff. stan said that can be my little space to myself. lol  the porches/patio/ excetra are nice too. there's a stone fireplace and mantle for christmas stockings !!!!!   they are asking $115,000 and its 1,834 sqft.... 2 car garage also
  2. house #2 .... four bedroom... it saw 2 bath rooms but one of them has the laundry machine and stuff in it and i cant see a shower/bathtub so i would say its 1.5 bath but the main bathroom has enough counter space imo. (one thing we wanted was his and her sinks but if the one bathroom has a big enough counter i can handle that just fine. 2 car garage is nice. the front porch looks good. i like the livingroom space. the kitchen is okay but i'd like more counter top area because i had hell in stans apartment kitchen and we both like having room to do stuff-- especially stan he loves to cook. i do really really like the glass cabinets on the upper kitchen cabinet thing, the master closest seems adequate. and if its 4 bedrooms that means we can have a master bedroom an office, and my work room for jewelry, and a space bedroom for company that might also be a library type thing. unless we use stans office as a library ... we do need a lot of bookselving space .... looking at $104,500
  3. house #3 3 bed ... 1.5 bath comes with storage shed out back... brick fire place with place to hand stockings (i am getting picky about some things lolol I GOTTA HAND STOCKING AT CHRISTMAS OK THANK)   large back deck porch. the kitchen looks nice but i cant tell if the stove is gas or electric and stan doesnt want an electric stove (and neither do i they scare me). there is a nice bay window or whatever you call it .... i think its in the dining room? the bedrooms look very similar and around the same size ... which is fine i guess, just as long as one of them is slightly bigger for the master. it looks nice on the outside.  looking at $99,900
so this is just part of some of the things we are looking at.

i'm falling asleep and getting confused on what i've looked at and what i havennt so i will just stop here

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