Friday, April 14, 2017

thing just keep getting worse

on top of the bad stuff that i cant talk about yet
my dad got let go from the job he just got over some bullshit reasons that pretty much add up to they hired younger people and would preffer the younger people working instead of my dad.
thats pretty much what it is
but they wont say it
so now dad is back looking for jobs.. and he only has 3 more severance pay checks left coming in
so unfortunately the worst we feared is happening... and stan is going to have to support my entire family somehow..
and the burden being placed on him isnt fair and i hate it and i dont want it but he took it willingly and of his own decision and i cant stop him from doing it

we are sad because we were going to celebrate this saturday and cook out and drink and play cards but no
now we dont know what we are doing

stan isnt going to trivia tonight because of all thats going on

on saturday stan is taking me to the book rack for more books to read
and also to walmart to get some towels and wash clothes for us to use because we are fighting over the ones at the house and its just easier if we have our own

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