Wednesday, April 5, 2017

so they think the sky is falling today

and everything is closing and cancelling because they dont want a repeat of the last tornado outbreak

but i'm pretty sure that the fact that they are doing all this freaking out is a tell that they are going to be wrong.

i think it might happen south and east of here. but not here. and they still cancelled and closed everything.

my dad is going into work but his job involves driving around and installing security systems so that is kind of a no go in this weather... they might keep him at the office or send him home. we dont know.

stan has to go into work even though they closed the university of alabama because he is the news and news goes on.

i'm sitting here thinking i might get a lot of reading done today
right now the line of storms is right below us and streaming a train line of storms but its not moving north enough to get here so... but as soon as dad and stan drive south to go to the work and they are hitting it hard.

so we shall see, i guess
we have lots of candles and what not

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