Tuesday, April 11, 2017

so a lot has happened

and a lot of it i wont talk about
what has happened is stan got a car/suv and lots of paper work was done and it made me really anxious like i could not even.. just... no. i shut down and nothing was happening
but apparently everything is okay and we just have to wait for things to go through and what not

 i dont know

this morning one of our dogs drug up a possum that had been hit by a car and was half dead.
and turns out the thing had babies succling for milk and the whole process was very.. we had to kill the mother possum she was half dead and the babies were.... they were i dont know. i feel bad. i feel really bad.
it makes me sad. we did a bad thing we really did.. and

and this is on top of other stuff that i wont talk about
and it was 3:33 while i was typing this

i have really bad feelings about things right now...
really bad.

i cant even.... i need to find the light.

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