Wednesday, April 5, 2017

happy birthday to me -- tomorrow

i completely forgot my birthday was happening tomorrow. lol it didnt even register in my head
.. stan got my ALL THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES ON BLU RAY and a box of zebra cakes (my favorite little debbie snack)
and the card was just.... perfect.
it was perfect.
and some spending money on top of all that.
i didnt expect it at all
i was completely un aware anything was happening lol

and now apparently my parents are giving me a gift too
so wtf
i dont even know what to do
i dont need anything
stan makes sure that i am well taken care of and dont need anything

i dont like receiving gifts... it makes me feel bad.. like i dont deserve them at all please just dont...
.. i dont know...

stan say he will probably be in the worst possible mood ever tomorrow-- and thats why he gave my my gift today.

this weekend we will watch harry potter and lay in bed and eat popcorn

i'm reading a book that stan recommended (GOOD OMENS by  Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchett) and its like palahniuk and i like that a lot.. it written by two people... i will read more of there stuff obviously... all i do is read
anyways.. this book is GOOD... like... makes me wanna highlight and tag with page markers good. and that is a compliment. a huge compliment coming from a bookworm.

i got mom to cut my hair and now i dont have to spend 30 mins in the shower washing and detangling the long ass mess that was my hair
AND i wont get as hot this summer because i'm not lugging around a mass of hair.

the storms didnt happen today at all
but it sure as hell is windy like bad windy
wind advisory windy

i want to be reading now but i cant focus to do it so i'm blogging instead lol

i need to get back into pokemon
i took a break while we were moving so i could focus on the move. i didnt want to get distracted. and now i want to play... i might restart pokemon XY because i dont remember the plot at all and that bothers me.

okay now i'm done i think maybe

the wind outside though... it creepy bad. seriously.

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