Sunday, March 12, 2017

we have officially moved out of the apartment

now we just have to get the rest of the stuff out and clean it... by march 17
but we slept the last night in apartment on friday.

we brought Miss Lilly here today on sunday.

I have been freaking out because we have so much stuff and we dont have anywhere to put it.
I am going to have to put most of my clothes in storage or give them to the church for donations and giveaway

I have three plants here.. one cactus, one hard spiny aloe vera, and the lucky bamboo
we will need to find a way to get my big ivy plant here. and the pot that my pink angel plant was in.. bless her heart she just didnt make it.

after we get moved in i will have weeks of sorting through my clothes to do
if that tells you how much clothes i have.

i hoard clothes i guess
and stationery and planner and school supplies
and apparently food
because we brought all our food from the apartment to the house and there is enough to fill up my mothers kitchen and pantry if it was bare... so she already had her kitchen and pantry stocked and now we have a fuckton of food here sitting on the dining room table and in tubs and boxes.

My dad has a second interview for an IT job tomorrow so I am praying for him.
also the guy from ATT comes to instal U-verse for us... not like we couldn't do it ourselves because dad knows all that shit but they have to send somebody anyways i guess

god it feels good to be on a computer again

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