Tuesday, March 21, 2017

today did not go as planned

today was supposed to be stan's first day back to work after the move..
it was his first time driving the distance from my parents house to work...
and of all the things that could happen--- got got a car wreck. and i feel like a bad wife because i didnt have my phone volume turned up so i didnt hear his phone calll.. but my mom got it.  mom freaked out.
4 cars total. it wasnt his fault though, thank god.
i was laying bed in and i had a weird feeling, i was trying to doze off and hear mom running through the house and i also hear dad say "you need to calm down"

then they open my door and tell me stan has been in a wreck

thankfully stan is fine and his car is drivable but needs works on the back and front bumpers.
the two cars behind stan were totalled... but stans was okay and the person infront of him was okay

so anyways, stan didnt go back to work today.
my mom and i drove out to the wreck because we were worried and we got there and had to walk a little way to the actual site of the wreck and i was all like "ITS MAH HUSBAND ITS MAH HUSBANDDDD" lolol

so stan drove his car home and called his insurance guy and mom and i went back home and then... i had to get ready and go to walmart because my meds needs refilled and transferred to the northport walmart... (which is much nicer)

they were buffing and waxing the floors in front of the pharmacy so there was a tiny little space to walk there but they were open.

they had my name as reynolds-wyman in the system though because i havent had a Rx filled over on this side of town in years ...speaking of that.. i should get my drivers license updated

i got some sour cream and onion chips and some dr.pepper i was going to get mandarin orange water for stan but they didnt have =(

i stopped and got some garlic bagel chips that were awesome i ate the whole bag lol

after we get settled in i'm going to put my etsy stuff in the shop i have eough merchandise to stock a small store

dad just got done with his interview and they said they wont know anything for 6 weeks.. which means they have the listing up for an allotted time and cant go ahead and pick somebody when other applications might come in later.

that is something hard for mom to understand, but i think dad gets it

tonight we are mixing stroganoff and philly cheese steak ham burger helpers for dinner

tomorrow stan will have to try to drive to work and get my meds i guess... or he might take another day off.

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