Tuesday, March 14, 2017

so very close to being moved out completely

all we have left to do in the apartment is the kitchen and utility room floors and half the living room floors.
everything else is done. we have stuff to get out of there (mostly cleaning stuff) and thats it

i have tried to work really hard on this cleaning thing but i feel like i haven't done enough.
like its not good enough and i am not working enough. getting enough done, too slow.

i have been reading a smutty smut book by Nora Roberts. and journaling in my journal.

on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors all damn day


Stan is more tired than me.. i feel so bad for him. he is hurting so much. i wish i could make it better. he is working so hard and its hurting him. =(]

mom is working a lot too... and even dad did some minor cleaning... (dad figured out what to use to clean the bathtub.. everything else i tried didnt work)

we had chinese buffet today and i ate so much i felt sick and then i had to go back to work cleaning. TO BE FAIR I DIDNT WANT TO HAVE CHINESE TODAY. i loathe it now. its so full of calories. ugh. but my family insisted that we go there. damn it.

i have so much stuff to sort through after we are done moving i will be busy for a god damn month after this just sorting through my clothes and other shit. i need to get help for hoarding or something lol

anyways im gonna go sit in the livingroom now and try to sociable.

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