Saturday, March 18, 2017

settling in

there's been some bumps and bruises along the way (mostly my fault... okay all my fault)

but apparently its forgivable some how
not that i would forgive me if i were them but ok


we had pizza friday and accidentally caught the pokemon sun and moon episodes 1 and 2!!!!
i should have set a timer to record it but i didn't think to do it until it was too late

i went through another bag of my clothes today
slowly getting there... slowly

i need to lose enough weight to wear my shorts from last year
and then some
like 50 lbs
of course if i lost 50 lbs everybody would freak out and accuse me of relapsing
i'm still eating and i'm working on being more active
i will definitely be more active now that we live out here... there is walking to be done and house work to do that i can help out with

I finished my last Nora Roberts book and now i'm reading a Danielle Steel novel... not sure i like it that much but i'm going to read it anyways
i am going to read my Mary Higgins Clark book next

and when i read books that HAVENT come from book rack (the used book store i am using for cheap books) i will donate them and get store credit

stan has went to bed early and i got tired of reading to now i'm updating my blog and i guess i will play around on netflix

we have ATT Uverse at the house now so we can stream shit for once

dad has an in person interview on monday and we are all praying and hoping and doing everything we can think of to make this happen

stan is off work monday and goes back tuesday
i know its going to be hard on him because he has been off work for a week and going back to hell is always hard
miss lilly is almost settled in.. she is working on it... she is being a brave kitty... she isnt used to other cats and dogs in the house so this is a big thing for her

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