Thursday, March 30, 2017

im gonna read like theres no tomorrow

seriously thats what i've been doing

i just now realized how long i have been missing out on Stephen King and I have to read them all IMMEDIATELY
Chuck Palahniuk and Stephen King are now my thing.

I might read some frou frou smutty smut romance novels to lighten things up here and there but i am dead set on this shit.
i already upped my goodreads goal but i think i might set it at 40 instead of 30... i just know i cant do 50... i tried to last year and failed.

today was the first day of the FUND DRIVE at Alabama Public Radio so Stan is going to be an angry old man for a week or two. its okay. i love him anyways.

Stan is looking for a new (used) car to buy when the insurance stuff goes through and on saturday we will probably be going to a place to look at cars... he said he wants my opinion on it because WE ARE A FAMILY... DAWWWW... i am a wife, ya'll. i can't believe it.
but seriously its his car, he can get when he wants

i've trying to breath new life into my etsy shop.
i dont think i will get any buyers from etsy browsers but people from facebook who know me might buy things if i link  them to it on facebook...

my dad seems to be enjoying his job so that is good... i'm just so relieved he got hired somewhere. it was starting to feel a little ...bleak

i'm awake when i should be sleeping but that just happens sometimes.... usually i read but this time i am blogging. so hiiiii

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