Tuesday, March 28, 2017

dad got a job!

dad got a job.. he started yesterday.
stan is not sleeping good and i know its my fault =(

i had a migraine so bad i couldnt walk straight yesterday i had to hold on to walls to keep from falling. my eyes wouldnt focus and i couldnt really open them either because of light. it was the worst headache i've ever had. i know i've said that before... but this one was really worse than all of those. i was scared it wasnt going to end. i was scared i was stuck like that... i started freaking out.. i took two 800mg doses of ibuprophen and it didnt do anything... mom gave me a sinus pill with acetaminophen and Phenylephrine (which is what they used to replace pseudoephedrine because meth makes were using pseudoephedrine) it might have helped but i dont really know if it was that or if was just winding down... i spent about 2 or 3 hours unable to do anything... i had to get water and pee but i was, like i said, holding on to walls and almost screaming from pain. i didnt really cry.. it hurt to bad to cry. it was beyond crying. i know i probably over complain about stuff but this really was the worst thing i have ever experienced in my life. when it was over i was thanking god that i was still alive.

i was nauseated for the rest of the day.. i didnt sleep worth shit last night.
and my head feels weird today.

i did however get my mind clear enough to read last night and finished Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King... I think i have found my new favorite author. its like an upgrade from Chuck Palahniuk... more dark. but i never knew how easy it would be to switch from Palahniuk to King.. it was really easy. which makes me think Dad might enjoy Palahniuk too, since dad is a huge Stephen King fan... like.. HUGE FAN. i think i was named after his wife, Tabitha. but dad might not ever admit that lol

today is dads second day at work. stan was going to be working late tonight but moved his thing to sometime in april so he will get home at normal time.
mom is going to tuscaloosa for avon stuff and shopping.
i'm getting a shower and washing my nasty ass hair and reading my Nora Roberts novel. i wont start another King book until I finish this Nora Roberts book

the payment of my first etsy sale since i started up again went through.. and i ow have $15 dollars to my name. nothing more. nothing less. its a start. i need to put up more listing but after yesterday i think i need a day or two. i cant get that feeling to go away... it was like my brain was being smashed in and ripped apart. the only time it stopped was when i laid down and didnt move and kept my eyes closed and even then it was there. i wanted to vomit and cry and scream but i didnt do anything but curl up in a fetal position and pray to god that it stopped and i wasnt stuck like this forever.

i guess i will stop typing now. i havent had much to update but things happened and now i do.

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