Wednesday, February 1, 2017

lots of appointments and shit

today i thought i had an appointment with the lady who writes my prescriptions  but it was weird because the card they gave me said march 7--- then i got something in the mail saying my appointment had be moved from febr 7 to feb 1.. so i went in today expecting an appointment
which might have happened
but a lady passed out and fell on the floor in the waiting room and they called the ambulance and the nurse practitioner (who writes my prescriptions) had to help them until the EMT arrived.
in the mess of all this my appointment time was happening and the lady at the desk was trying to call the nurse and see which day the appointment was actually on.. but so much was going on that we just rescheduled for another day next week.. i have enough meds to make it through till then

so anyways i went to Indian Rivers today for no reason and tomorrow I have a dentist appointment to get more cavities filled. i have a pill to take before the appointment to make me less nervous...  i love my dentist he thinks of everything..

and THEN next wednesday i will have the appointment that was supposed to be today i think but got juggled in the chaos of what happened.

this weekend we are going up to my parents house and taking a plastic tub of my books and and some clothes.

i need a pair of dress pants so i can go to church....
stan is going to make some delicious food while we are at my parents house and then on sunday he is going to take me home and take the food over to our friends house for the super bowl party... i wont be going because i dont deserve to go and i dont want to after what happened last time.

tonight stan is getting food for us on his way home
 i picked Arbys because of curly fries

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