Thursday, February 9, 2017

crisis averted

so we were able to pay the $160 this time and i got the psych to make my next appointment 6 months out so we have time to save up money for the damn thing
so because my psych was so understanding...i have enough refills on my meds to get me through 6 months
i am so grateful that this lady understands and worked with us on this because the other option is for me to come off meds completely which is really scary.

today is a slow day.
i'm reading The Hunger Games and watching Greys Anatomy reruns
i want to do my nails but i dont have much of that  top coat that Sagen gave me so i'm going to wait a few days until the currently manicure starts chipping.

stan cooked chicken last night for dinner and i am going to eat that for lunch today.

on friday stan and i get pizza... it pizza fridays!!!
but on saturday we have decided to go out on  a date and eat at Olive Garden...
i will get dressed up and such which is something i rarely do now
stan also wants to drive me around to pokestops i'm not that into pokemon go but he likes doing it so i will let him take me to these places.

I feel really antsy today but i cant go anywhere
I guess i will go watch more Greys now

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