Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A notification

I wont be blogging much during the packing and moving we are doing right now.  I've even considered putting my laptop into a box for moving...  Which is okay because I can update from my phone like I'm doing now.

The stress of packing  is starting  to get to me but I can't let it effect me because I don't have time to slow down.

Needless to say..  After the move is done and we are settled in i'm going to need to crash for a few days to get over everything.

I still have to figure out what clothes to keep and what to store up forever.
I need to keep out stuff to go to church in and the rest of my Clothes can be t-shirts I guess I don't have any reason to have clothes out that will just take up space. Space that we don't have.

Today I have to throw away jewelry making stuff and it's going to be hard. I just don't have time to sort and properly store it all.

That's all for now

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