Sunday, January 15, 2017

surprising sunday

today we got up earlier than expected and went to walmart to get my meds.
and i got some stuff for myself.. like deodorant and a nail file because these nails had to be tamed.

my parents showed up and worked on my car. apparently there's nothing wrong with it ???
it needs to be driven every other day or so..
and now that i have pokemonGO i have  a reason to drive out to places for pokestops

mom and dad and stan and i talked for about half an hour just standing around outside the apartment..
lots of things to talk about and not enough time
i miss my parents
after they left i clipped and filed my nails down to normal levels
and i painted my nails a grey color and covered it with sprinkles of glitter with a sally hansen nail polish.
and i used the top coat that my friend Sagen gave me

now i am staying awake to watch the second hunger games movie because i want to see it after seeing the last and first here recently.

so thats where i am
oh we got the ROKU from stan's mom set up so we can watch sling TV and netflix on the same device
and that makes the sling TV really stable compared to the app on the computer
so thats cool
and we will be more likely to use netflix now because its not a pain to switch back an forth on the things we were using to access

but right now we are watching Shrek and Stan is totally Shrek lololol

and now stan is going to cook dinner
i love my husband

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