Saturday, January 28, 2017


today we were supposed to start seriously packing for the move but my mom never got any boxes to us so we have to use what we have here and that isnt much.

we started the day watching South Park movie and I wrote in my journal.
I ate left over pizza from pizza friday for breakfast and that had my stomach on the go so I have a few BMs today... feel better now.

right now stan is putting his books in a plastic storage tub. I just put all my bracelets in a cardboard box left over from lilly's fancy feast food. i need small cardboard boxes for stuff so my little things dont bounce around inside the larger boxes and get tangled or break when we are moving them.

around 1:30 pm we are going to leave and go by dollar tree and get snacks and at 2:10 we are seeing the movie "Split" about the guy with multiple personalities and the one that is the killer is named Dennis lololol
it might creep me out but that is ok... these kind of movies are supposed to be creepy.

I havent been to see a movie in a while.. it feels like forever.. so this is a good thing. though i always get nervous about what to wear when i go out because i am so fat now. i am really really fat and i cant wear anything that i would usually wear. its really hard to get through each day right now. i cant stand being around myself because i hate myself and i have nobody to talk to about it because stan just gets pissed at me when i tell him shit.

i'm going to stop drinking diet dr.pepper because i think its making my skin oily... my skin was never this oily before and the only thing i've changed lately is i started drinking diet soda.

i got a letter in from Indian Rivers telling me that my appointment for Feb 7 was moved to Feb 1st.. which is weird because the little card they gave me when i left there last time said my appointment is in MARCH... not Feb. but i called them two days in a row and got no answer so i dont know what is going on or what to do. i guess i will just go to the the damn place on feb 1 like it said to and if my appointment isnt that day i will assume they meant march 1st or something. i really hate trying to figure stuff out with them over the phone because they have this automated calling answering system that drives me insane and half the time the extensions they have you dial dont have anybody there to answer them at all. which is what happened to me this last tie when i tried to call for my appointment shit.

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