Saturday, January 14, 2017


today was a good day
we got up early and watched the end of one of the hobbit movies and then we got ready and went to Dirt Cheap because they supposedly had some good nintendo DS games... and they did have games but they were for kids.

we looked around and i saw alllll the scarves ever and i wanted them all but i resisted the urge somehow.

after that we went EVERYWHERE going to pokestops
yes stan loves me enough to drive me around to all the pokestops
i have the best husband ever

i was out of pokeballs and now i have lots and lots

then we got hungry and drove around looking for food
when i decided that i wanted to eat at Five Guys stan was nice enough to go to target and get me some ranch dressing becauseeee

they have cajun french fries!!!! i ate a whole large order

also at target i got a thing of 3 washi tape for $3... valentines edition

i have been needing some washi for a long time so thats good

after we ate we went to dollar tree and i got a thing of stickers for valentines day to decorate my planner and daily log book... we also got bleach and vinegar and cookies

and then we went to walmart for medicine refills and donuts and more cookies
and we looked at valentines day stuff and i picked out some teddy bears that i liked to give stan an idea for what to get me because he always gets me a teddy bear

then we went to the thrift store and stan got a cardigan that he and i can both wear

then we came home and i got my plannergirl on

today was a GOOD DAY

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