Tuesday, January 17, 2017

anybody else getting weird feelings about Trump transition?

i mean i know most people had weird feelings from the start about Trump but i am starting to feel like there might be huge civil unrest and protest and violence and that is not cool.
i dont like him but i dont think we need to freak out like this either.

in other news, my car actually probably works so today i will go to the post office and mail a letter to stan's mom to thank her for christmas package... also i might go to pokestops because i need pokeballs
though it is a while to drive there damn it

i trimmed my nails so i can finally type again HALLELUJAH

i got some bagels at the grocery store so i have delicious healthy noms for breakfast instead of sugar cereal

today i  need to fold the towels and pack away some clothes that i dont need and wont need ... because we are moving and i gotta get going on things. this is a huge move and most things are going into storage i just have to figure out what clothes to keep in the house and which to put away. it wont be easy to get them back out so i have to think ahead.

i need to buy cigarettes today.. it will be the first time in a long time that i have had the money to buy them myself and i get nervous when i have to do things like that. =X

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