Monday, December 12, 2016

Well, this is the week from hell right now

today we have to get our old washer and dryer out of here and get Mac's installed. and mom has to come with a truck to move our washer dryer to the donation place because we cant leave stuff by the dumpster anymore. or we get fined.

Tomorrow I have a psych appointment and i have to update my information with the doctor and i  am pretty sure they are going to have to pay a higher price for my mental health care because they do a sliding scale fee for people based on income and despite my not having income stan has what they consider enough money so... i'm fucked.

wednesday i have a dentist appointment. to get some cavities filled. I'm hoping its relatively painless but it probably wont be.

thursday is StarWars movie night. we are going with Mac and it will be our last movie together probably.

and friday we have to get Mac's bed into our apartment somehow and then get it into the truck so mom and dad can take it back to their house. i just hope it doesnt rain. jesus.

and sunday is the reynolds christmas which stan and i have done zero shopping for and have no planned to bring anything to eat either

im still trying to recover from drinking on saturday i got too drunk and have felt like hell for days now.

i'm done with my pokemon game and need to start the other one so i can have something to do.

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