Thursday, December 15, 2016

this week so far

(pre note: my finger nails are so long i can barely type just fyi)

so far this week has been almost tolerable.

on monday we got Mac's washer and dryer so now i can clean things whenever i want and not have to wait on Mac's permission to use his stuff.

YESTERDAY i went to the dentist and let me tell you what is was an experience... i was in there for almost 2 hours while they fixed cavities. They got a lot of work done but I was at my breaking point by the end of it.
Today my teeth feel fine and the numbness is gone. they have a lot more work to do i really let my teeth go down this shit hole i stopped taking care of myself in my depression pretty much and yeah... shit shit shit.

TODAY is STARWARS DAY and we are all going tonight to see the new star wars movie. I consider it a date night for me and Stan even though other people will be there. We will do the usual Chick-Fil-A  before the movie.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard one because we have to get Mac's Bed into our apartment until mom can take it in the truck so they have to carry it to our apartment and it has to stay here somewhere (only god know where!) I am really stressed out about this part of our moving I just want the bed to be at mom and dads for us but they need time to move it in and i dont know so much going on makes my anxiety go insane so i just wont think about it unless i have to =(

And on friday, tomorrow,  we hope to get some time to go shopping for the Reynolds christmas which is sunday.... AT the same place our wedding reception was at so that's fun. I have some ideas about what to get gift wise for dirty santa. We almost decided not to play at all this year because people keep getting butt hurt over their gifts... its DIRTY SANTA... dirty is in the name... dont like it-dont play...

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