Tuesday, December 6, 2016

long time no posty

I have been ridiculously distracted by Pokemon Sun... I beat the game but there are quests after you beat it so i'm doing that now.

It has rained enough in the past few days to cancel the ban on burning stuff in Alabama.

I really dont have anything to talk about but pokemon.

the team i beat the elite four with is as follows:

and one other pokemon that i cant remember lololol

i've already changed my party since i beat the game so thats why i dont know.. bad memory and all

My Magnezone is bad ass. he kicks all the ass.

My favorite is either Leafeon or Gyarados.
I dont like Incineroar (the starter pokemon) because he is UGLY. so ugly. Litten was adorable but every evolution just got uglier and uglier.

i'm gonna go play pokemon now
i guess

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