Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm still at my parents house

Stan decided to leave me  at mom and dad's for the the week instead of  trying to take miss Lilly back and forth between locations so fast.
I finally got to play Pokémon go and I caught a few Pokémon.  I haven't gotten to go to a pokestop yet so I have no idea what that will be like.
Mom and dad and I have been working on getting  parts of the house ready for me and Stan to move in in March....  We have moved the desk out of the bedroom so stan and I can move a TV in there. But it is starting to look like we will have  to put the TV on the wall with some kind of holder.
I thought I would play a lot of Pokémon games while I am here but I haven't really felt like doing it that much. I'm still kind of sad that I finished pokemon sun as fast as I did. Now I have to play Pokémon xy.

Today they were showing the matrix movies all day and I had to laugh at how over dramatic they are. I could not  watch it seriously.
It's supposed to rain and I can feel it coming and it's making me sleepy as hell.
I'm slowly learning to trust the predictive  text and auto correct on my new phone because the swipe  keyboard is not up to par with what I've expected.

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