Saturday, December 31, 2016

Currently watching the football game

Watching the peach Bowl...  Alabama had better win.
Stan made his sweet Asian chili chicken wings...  And fried some shrimp. Stan loves to cook.
Last night we went to uncle Steven and aunt Debra's house and played dice and I drank a good bit of whiskey.  Just whiskey over ice.  Nothing mixed in.  I am proud of myself for drinking  it straight...  It's something I rarely do.
Uncle Steven got really mean and drunk and I feel sorry for Stan because he had never seen him act like that before.  Uncle Steven kept bringing up my first marriage and that made everybody uncomfortable.  I handled it pretty well though.

I've finally gotten used to my phone and learned to trust the auto correct.

Stan's mom sent us a Christmas mail package and it was full of stuff for me  mostly. Lots of notebooks and stickers. I am very pleased with everything.  My mother in law is the sweetest lady I've ever met.

Stan and I are staying at mom and dad's through Monday. And on Tuesday I have another dentist appointment to get more cavities filled.

I'm gonna stop now and go back to watching the game.

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