Thursday, November 17, 2016

well that was a huge waste of time

went through all the effort to get pretty for the my therapist appointment, and when i got there they decided today was the day i needed to have brought in my proof of income-- which i do not have . and so my visit would be either $44 or $160 or some shit... and even when i do bring in my household income (stan's pay check shit) they will probably want to charge me the full amount because stan makes a good bit of money. atleast compared to the usual people they have going to this place.

so i pretty much just cancelled my therapist appointment and any future appointments except with my nurse practitioner who does my meds. and i will hopefully have my proof of income by them or get charged a bazzilion dollars for that at the same time.

and this is made worse by my inability to get on stan's health care because blah blah blah shit idont wanna talk about.

my tooth extraction site hurts and its making me sad and grumpy

all i've eaten today is ice cream and i need to save the rest of it and i am waiting on stan to come home and make me mac and cheese. because i am a helpless baby laying in bed with a tooth ache.

my day was made worse by my attempt to go to Target for holiday washi tape (which they had) and i was going to get it and i was evening standing in line and this lady two persons ahead of me was having a fight with the cashier about over charging and coupons and shit and i stood there for about 5 minutes and then just put my thing down and walked out of there. i cant handle shit like that. people irritate me to no end i want to punch them in the face.

maybe my tooth hurting didnt help the fact either but still..

so i got pretty and went to the therapist and didnt' see the therapist and cancelled my appointment and made sure they still have me down for december with Connie (nurse prac) and went to Target and failed to get anything because people are stupid now I am at home and waiting for this paid medication to start working.

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