Wednesday, November 2, 2016

wednesday nov 2

so today I have had multiple attacks of pain with my teeth and I got stan to call and make an appointment and the earliest they can see me in the 9th at noon so atleast i have a day to count down to. they will just make an assessment and do xrays so nothing will really get fixed on that day but i have to be an adult and keep my shit together somehow when it feels like my head is splitting open on my jawline
i can barely get fluids down to keep hydrated and eating is hard too

Tonight Stan is going with Mac and one of their favorite interns to a cigar shop to pick out something nice to celebrate Mac getting engaged. after that Stan is coming home and we are supposed to go grocery shopping finally. we have a lot to get when we finally go..
We would've went last night but my teeth were hurting so bad i couldn't do anything
i hope today is better. it needs to be better

in other news i really like this pen my mother gave me and i want more of them
Bic Veloctity 1.6 they write good and dark and dry fast.. they smear but not that much dry faster than most other pens of the same kind

i need to find something to do to distract me from the pain but i am coming up empty handed here
i want to eat but it hurt my teeth

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