Thursday, November 17, 2016

Today is therapyyy

Yesterday my dental appointment went almost perfectly. Like.... it was perfect. I didn't feel any pain and they were very careful to make sure I was comfortable the entire time.
I love my dentist. he is really really good.

I also have had good conversations with the dental hygienist assistant people too. he seems to have a good set up of good people working for him.

My tooth extraction was bleeding a bit more than i wanted it to yesterday and it was getting paranoid but i think it is okay.

Today I have therapy and i get to meet my new therapist--- i hate getting thrown off onto new therapist like this but Tara really cant see me anymore since she got her promotion. I don't know how much longer I will be using Indian Rivers so worst case scenario I have to get to know even another new therapist/psych AGAIN when i change where i go to the doctor in a few months. blaaaah.

Stan is babying me like crazy and is driving me insane lol but I know i love it just... its blahhh

i'm having some pain in the socket area  in my mouth where they pulled the tooth.
all i can eat is soft food like ice cream and shit.. which is annoying for me because i usually snack on fruit loops all day long.

we got a letter on the the door this  morning that kids have been destroying flower beds and hitting cars with stuff and i'm just like "THANK GOD" because these kids next door run wild outside and i have literally saw them digging up the yard and throwing rocks at cars and carrying big sticks around doing god knows what.
It would be different if there was an adult watching them but there isn't. they don't have anybody watching them and these kids are like. 4-7 years old... way too young to be running around a bad community like this by themselves.

i am going to maybe dress up nice for my therapist appointment today because I never get to dress up for anything. of course my idea of dressing up isnt really dressing up lol

here have some gifs

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