Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday and Sunday

Today I woke up early because Its impossible for me to sleep in on the weekends apparently. lol
which is funny because I can sleep in during the week just fine =P

I got up and did my usual routine: took my meds, started my journal for the day, and the daily log i keep. I fed Miss Lilly and drank some water.
then i turned on SlingTV and checked the freeform channel and discovered that they are showing all the Harry Potter movies ALL DAY LONG... and i got up early enough to start with the first one! so now i get to watch harry potter all day.

Today my mom and dad are going an Alabama football game.  My dad has never been to one so that is going to be very exciting for him.. I am excited for him. The game is at 6pm or so so they have to wait all day in anticipation lol
Tonight there is a local band playing at the Druid City tap room and Stan wants to go and I want to go but the band doesnt start until 8pm and I am usually in bed by then.... but I hope I can stay up and go. because its an all instrumental band which is right up my alley.

Tomorrow is sunday and we should do laundry ... or maybe do it today on saturday.

But our big plan for tomorrow is to go see "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" because I love Harry Potter world.

I forgot to mention that Stan bought me Finding Dory even though I didn't think he would. =)

so i am lounging in the living room and watching this movie... these movies... all day. theres commercials but that's okay. i dont think they cut anything out just added commercial breaks. even if they did cut stuff out i would be okay with that. i am just glad i'm getting to watch the movies before seeing the "new" movie.
though I feel like I should watch Finding Dory because he bought it but I can't pause the harry potter marathon so I gotta keep watching it.

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